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Abdo Mahmoud

A seasoned AI product leader invested in the convergence of technology and user value to advance global impact.

For over a decade, I’ve been at the helm of developing and deploying AI products that not only push the boundaries of what’s technically possible but deeply resonate with user needs and market demands.

At PathAI, I led the MLOps team, where I honed my skills in aligning key initiatives with business goals, managing an evolving 18-month roadmap, and fostering a culture of transparency and constructive debate around our infrastructure development. This experience was pivotal in not only ensuring that our ML engineers had the robust tools they needed but also in evaluating and fine-tuning our investments to ensure they were genuinely driving value.

As Director of Data Engineering at SmartEye, I managed a global software team dedicated to delivering high-quality labeled videos for ML teams. This role sharpened my skills in balancing roadmaps to improve data pipeline efficiency while adhering to aggressive data delivery timelines.

As a Senior Product Manager, I owned the Affectiva in-cabin sensing solution, steering it from launch to being an integral part of automotive OEMs smart cabin strategy. My role involved a gamut of responsibilities from product execution, and orchestrating multi-staged PoCs with European and Japanese OEMs to presenting at tech conferences showcasing our solution.

I bring a blend of technical acumen, strategic thinking, and a user-centric approach to product management, all tailored towards harnessing AI to deliver tangible value.I thrive in environments where I can bridge the gap between technical complexities and market demands, helping companies refine AI use cases and execute meticulously to deliver user value.

Other interests include ✈️ 🎭 🎥 🚗 📚 🐶 🍽

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